Only tracking 13 of 20 conversions


I’ve set up Piwik on our website and it is tracking, but the last 7 days (where I have let it be), there has been 20 conversions on the website, but Piwik has only tracked 13.

Percentage wise that seems like a huge disrepancy - is there something I’ve set up wrong?

This is my setup in GTM

In Piwiki I have turned on the following under Site & Apps > Privacy:
Use a Session ID
Comply with CNIL guidelines
Don’t collect visitor’s device data
Mask IP addresses level 1
Collect from unmasked IP addresses: Country

Are you comparing the data with different analytics solution or with your backend? Keep in mind that part of the traffic will always be blocked due to adblockers.

It’s my backend that has 20 conversions. GA4 has recorded 16

So yeah I guess ad blockers could be a reason for the disrepacy

We need a bigger sample size to tell more. In general, Piwik PRO shouldn’t report less than GA4.

Okay, I’ll wait and see how it looks in a week or two to see if it changes :slight_smile: