Conversion tracking off the mark by a long shot

Looks like someone gave up so it seems I hit the nail on the head with my latest questions.
Is there someone able to share how to get conversion tracking to work?

Hi, I don’t see the Piwik PRO container on the website If you installed the container in GTM, did you use the guide Google Tag Manager: install a container (with a tracking code) | Piwik PRO help center ? The tag need to be fired on all pages and it can’t be restricted to be fired ex. just once per session.

Thank you for following up. The reason why you don’t see it is that I had to pause it as it didn’t work.

Did you check the thread attached? Tag manager settings have also been shared there.

Yes I’ve seen it. On that screen there is fire “Once per event”. We need to make sure Piwik Pro tag fires on every page view ? with All Pages view trigger as in our guide. How this trigger setup looks in your case exactly? It’s not shown on the screen.

The guide doesn’t mention “tag firing options” if that is what you are referring to.

I’ve selected “unlimited” now. Under triggering, I have “on all pages”. Ok?

Let’s see if it works this time.

Yes, these are advanced options your are using there. You should try “unlimited” or “once per page” . Trigger “on all pages” is fine.

with those settings, I got one conversion so far, and it doesn’t show within the Piwik dashboard.
So shall I try setting the tag firing options to “once per page”?

Yesterday I got 4 conversions. It only shows 1 in Piwik. So it doesn’t work.

Now I’m going to try with the “once per page” firing tag. Am I missing something?

I checked it in the tracker debuger (Analytics > Settings > Tracker Debuger) and it counted the conversion when I entered the thank you page. BTW this is a handy tool that will help you check if you get the desired output. See more on About tracker debugger | Piwik PRO help center and Check if your tracking works correctly | Piwik PRO help center
Do you have multiple goals per session enabled in GA? That could explain why there is more conversions there - but they would be fake conversions.

In goal advanced settings you can choose whether you want this to allow multiple goals per session or nor. Also, I would try to change the rule from “URL is exactly” to “contains” and then “thank-you-for-your-request” (unless there is another page with this title).

No, I’m only tracking this goal. Besides I don’t just use GA, I also own another tool where I can see the exact number of conversions.

Interesting, so it works correctly according to the tracker debugger, tested with the user ID as shown in the guide.

However, when I check the tracking for yesterday I can see there is only one goal completed. Wondering why.

What I meant by “multiple goals per session” concerns a specific goal → meaning if someone visits the thank you page twice during one session would it count it as 2 conversions or only 1. The default setting in Piwik PRO is to count it only once per session. I was thinking that maybe you are counting it multiple times per session in your other tool. That would explain the differences. Also, like I mentioned earlier, I’d experiment with changing the goal rules a little bit

Absolutely, it counts for one and thank you page cannot be reloaded or accessed directly, also the other tool counts only form submissions (actual requests) as conversions.

Ok, I understand. Did the changes in triggering the Piwik PRO tag and rules of the goal we were talking about improved the conversion tracking?

it looks better since yesterday, I will be able to answer that question in a couple of days to see how it goes compared to the other tools.

BTW totally off topic but I couldn’t find the info, is there any way to disable the cookie/privacy banner?

I hope it will be ok now. When it comes to consent banner - it’s all depends on your privacy choices. You can simply not ask visitors for consent - that will disable the banner. Here is more information about it: Turn on or off the consent form on your site | Piwik PRO help center

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On April 8th yesterday, I’ve 7 conversions, but on Piwik I only see 5.
So something is still off.
Can the time zone play a role in this?

Hi, the time zone is how you set it in Piwik PRO. If it’s set to be different than on other tools then the data might be different per day but it should still be there but eg. counted on the next day - not likely but it is possible - do you have the same time zone in all tools?
Do you have some information about those conversions? IP, user agent etc? You could then look for this session in session log Session log report | Piwik PRO help center and analyze all the actions that this user generated and maybe see why a conversion wasn’t captured.