Page generation time

We need to report the average page load time in Looker Studio dashboards. When adding “page generation time” we get extreme values such as 51.422. Is this the page generation time of all pages added up? And should we devide this by the number of pageviews using a custom metric?

How are we to interpret this and how can we get the average page load time? Even when changing from sum to average the values remain far too high.

Thanks in advance for your help.

We noticed that in small percentage of cases browsers were returning really big numbers for page generation values. This affected the aggregation calculations (e.g. average). We have fixed this issue (it’ll be available from next release), but it won’t fix the historical data already recorded.

To get real average page load values in historical data try adding filter on the report that will cap maximal value allowed in aggregation (e.g. “page generation time” < 1 minute). This should give you value not distorted by this bug.

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