Page Views and Sessions do not match between Reports (PiwikPRO Analytics and Google Data Studio)


I made a Dashboard in PiwikPRO Analytics and created exactly the same Dashboard with PiwikPRO as a Data Source in Google Data Studio.
I made sure to chose an end date that is -2 days from today (I understand the Data Time Lag)

I did not use any calculated fields or custom dimensions, just KPIs + Filters.

Still, the Data does not match-

My report shows PageViews and Sessions and this is where the differences occur.
(- on event level, the Data matches)

Why is that?

Data Studio:

The Filter ist always “Page URL contains /angebot”

Thanks, Susanne

Hello @Susanne,

That is a known issue with using filters in Google Data Studio together with our data connector. Fortunately, we have just finished working on an update that fixes the issue and improves using filters.

You can install it with this direct link: Google Data Studio

Hi Piotrek.
Sounds great, thanks.
So, when you have a new Update or Version of the Data Studio Connector ready, I have to actively install it, as it doesn’t “update” automatically?
If yes, how can I be notified about an update?
Will install this one now.
Thanks, Susanne

For now we have to share the connector outside of Google’s Community Connector Gallery, which means that it needs to be installed from direct links like the one I’ve shared previously.

We are planning to get listed in Google’s gallery in the near future and when that happens, you will be immediately notified in case of any update.

Until that happens, you would need to check our changelog from time to time to see if there’s anything new related to Google Data Studio. And if that’s the case, we always share the link to the latest version in our Help Center article about the integration (the one I’ve shared above is coming there later this week): Google Data Studio integration | Piwik PRO help center

The version I just shared will show up in our changelog on Monday and we’ll add information about filters to the article above.

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Hi Piotrek.

So is this the way to go:
I install it, give the source a new name so it can be shared and found by my other editors, then I reconnect each Dashboard with the new source? It is pretty much work like this, as I have to set the filters anew.
Is there any other way?
Thanks, Susanne

Yes, that’s the safest way for now, but personally when using the connector I do a little cleanup and remove the old version first. That’s because Google Data Studio saves the definitions for later (at least in my case) when you reconnect with the data source again. However, I don’t work on any more complex or sensitive data, so I would go with the safer option for that.

So you keep the same name for the new data source or do you rename it?

If you save it with the same name it will work, but it may be harder to recognize the two different versions. Unfortunately there’s no way for us right now to mark different versions in the connector directly.

I have reconnected but there is an error now. Is it temporary or did I make a mistake in the connection?

A new error and all Data Sets show a configuration error

@Susanne do those errors show up in the report? Could you check the Resource > Manage data sources menu? This is what it should show:

The chart definitions should also display the right data source:
In some cases, we saw that it was a matter of setting everything up properly (replacing data sources in chart definitions) and waiting a while (around an hour) for Google Data Studio to process the changes.

Working now, yes, I think I had to wait. Thanks

Hi Piotrek.

In the previous resource of PiwikPRO with the previous connector, I used the field “Ad Group Ad Network Type (Google Ads)” for my custom channel grouping … it is not there in the new connector.

Do you have any hint on how to use it or replace it?

Thanks, Susanne

@Susanne I will check why it’s not being displayed and get back to you later.
If necessary, we will release another update to bring it back.

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