Piwik Pro with Matomo, no Consent Data

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We are running Piwik Pro and are quite happy about the system. Everything was runnung fine. Things got complicated as we were startting to use a Software that is recognizing companys on our website that we use for our sales team. This software uses Matomo to track company behaviour.
We managed to get both systems to work with this helpcenter article:

Than i found this article and tried to adjust:

Problem is, that we can’t see the Consent Data in our analytics Account. I think it is due to the Consent Events are still using _paq instead of _ppas Variable and i don’t know if it is possible to switch that.

We can’t access the Matomo Account that is used by the software so the general question is, is it possible to get the consent desicion work with the ppas data and get the consent reports back or is this not possible at the moment? Consent works at it should, but the analytics data ofthe consent does not work.

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It is because the Consent module is using the _paq alias in its code, so in your config, its sending that data to Matomo. I have the same issue going on.

(oh just read your post till the end, you noticed :smiley: )

As you asked for switching that - currently there is no config for that, as far as I know.
What would be a solution is to create own Consent Form that uses _ppas prefix in its methods.

Hi thank you for you reply, i think that is too much word to get an external Tool up and running. But perhaps the will find a solution in the future. Thanks for the hint with the costum form, i sent it to the developers.

Have a good start into the new week.

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