Piwik slows down my webiste


Since I implemented Piwik PRO on my Wordpress website, it slows down my website.
I use Piwik Pro for Analytics, TMS & CMP.
So I migrated all my tags from GTM to Piwik.

Any idea? Optimization?

Many thanks,

Do you see it yourself also when browsing site? Our library might add 50-100ms to the loading time but that all. 10 sec is a lot.

BTW. did you install the sync snippet? I suggest removing it if you’re not using synchronous tags.

Yes, we first observed it ourselves on different devices and connexions.

We did the implementation through the wordpress plugin, no extra snippet.


Could you share the configuration on Wordpress site? Is the mentioned site available online (you can send a link here or on priv).

I will also add that you could check the browser console to see if there are any errors there. Those could be a result of issues in Tag Manager configuration and since you migrated your tags from GTM, let’s verify if it’s not one of those that’s slowing down the page load.


Thank you the answers.
We are using the WP 6.0.2: do you need more specific info?

I don’t see any specific issue in the console, no more and no less than before Piwik setup.
I migrated the tags manually, no file/direct import from GTM: I started from scratch.

@kuba I send you the link in private.


The Piwik container takes 1235 ms to load; it’s huge!


Discovered: 1.788 s
Request Start: 2.846 s
DNS Lookup: 214 ms
Initial Connection: 473 ms
SSL Negotiation: 136 ms
Total Connection Time: 823 ms
Time to First Byte: 251 ms
Content Download: 161 ms
CPU Time: 323 ms


Bytes In (downloaded): 58.5 KB
Uncompressed Size: 250.9 KB
Bytes Out (uploaded): 1.8 KB