Piwik code slowing down my site

The Piwik code is causing a performance issue on GT Metrix tests, specifically around the Total Blocking Time.

It’s suggesting the script takes a long time to load when I believed it to be asynchronous.

Here’s one of the tests: https://gtmetrix.com/reports/marcloudconsulting.com/oCe0Qf06/

What could be slowing this down?

Hi @Tom_Ryan!

The basic Piwik PRO container is indeed asynchronous.

After testing your site a bit it seems to me that the GTmetrix test might not be calculating the blocking time metric correctly or it doesn’t tell the whole story. It seems to me that the metric also includes the idle time of our container. The website itself is very responsive in my opinion.

This is the Lighthouse test, as you can see - the blocking time is very low.

If we were to run some additional performance tests:

You will notice that the “active” time of our container is pretty low - it’s mostly sitting there idling.

Thanks so much Anthony, this is really appreciated!