PWA integration


I’m trying to follow the doc here to integrate Piwik for events tracking offline in my pwa:

But I keep having an error no matter what method I use to “import” the module “import PiwikPro from ‘@piwikpro/pwa-piwik-pro’;”

I either can’t use import in my serviceworker.js and if I load it via cdn in a script tag in my html I can’t use it in my serviceworker.js file because it doesn’t know it.

I’m stuck right now and I don’t find anything on the web.

Can someone help or have an example of pwa integration somewhere ?



What technology are you trying to use PWA in Angular, react? I ask because in our repository you will find an example of we using PWA together with Angular, maybe it will be helpful. If you explain what technology you are using I will try to prepare a solution for you.

The PWA library works independently, the very important thing is that the target file from the service worker is in js so that the browser can install it correctly.

For this purpose, it is best to prepare a person builder, e.g. ES5, which will import the library and create a single file in js.

Hi @Daniel_Twork ,

Thanks for your answer.
I just use vanilla javascript and html. it’s just simple HTML files and script tags.
I have my app.js file which register the service worker file: sw.js

Webpack bundles the sw.js file into the bundle.xxxxx.js file.

Best regards