Installation issue (?)

My script is installed on the web site and referenced on pages.
However, when trying to debug with the command :
_paq.push([ function() {console.log(this.getVisitorId())}]);

I receive the following error message :
Uncaught ReferenceError: _paq is not defined
at :1:1

I’m new to Piwik, so any help is appreciated.
Web site URL is
Thank you.

Hi. I don’t see Piwik PRO script installed on the mentioned site. Could you double check that?


The script is called analytics.js, saved in a sub-folder, and is called in the part of the html code on each file as follows :

<script type="text/JavaScript" src="../cgi-bin/Scripts/Analytics/analytics.js"></script>

Ps : I have removed the “<” at the beginning of the code, so that it is not interpreted as html here.
Ps 2 : I might be that the front page has not the script installed, but any page under subfolder /planete/ should have it.

Hi. Browser console throws errors:

/cgi-bin/Scripts/Ana…tics/analytics.js:1 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ‘<’

But I don’t think that removing the part would fix the issue. My suggestion is to load the installation code directly (thus not loading it via external analytics.js file).

To be honest, I precisely don’t want to load the code directly, since it would mean around 150 pages to manually update. Which I don’t feel like doing, as you will understand.

Ps : I used this let’s call it “external script file” to track with Google Analytics, and it worked fine. So, I don’t see at first sight any reason why it would not work with Piwik…

Hi. I don’t think we support loading script from an external file. You can check that to confirm. To fix the javascript error, you have to remove the script tags from this file.