Segment for No-Consent Traffic with IPv6 not working


We’ve set up anonymous tracking with the option “Collect data without using cookies” and this works as expected.

Now we want to create segments for consented and non-consented traffic as described here:

The issue we have is that the IP obfuscation is not working as described for IPv6.

I tested this and my IPv6 adress was

Non-Consented: 2a02:8300::
Consented: 2a02:8388:8a02::

So while it is obfuscating more of the IPv6 address without consent, it is not fully obfuscated like described in the help article.

How can we create a segment based on this as this is not working with how the obfuscation currently works:

As there is no regex or contains options I currently see now way to define this for IPv6.
For IPv4, the “equals” rule works perfectly fine.

Could you please send me a URL to the website on which the problem occurs? You can send it here under the thread or via private message. Also, is the report that you are referring to available somewhere in the custom reports section?

Hi Adam,

Thank you, I’ve sent you the URL as PM.

I noticed that within the settings, the IPv6 address is also not full obfuscated on Level4, while the IPv4 address is. But again, how is anyone expected to segment on that :slight_smile: