Intern Traffic very low

We set up a segment for internal and external traffic. We did it like it is described on this page How can I separate internal traffic from external traffic? | Piwik PRO help center.

On one dashboard we show all the data form one page, which was used when the website was relaunched and there we can see just 9 visitors (intern traffic) on the day, the website went live. This isn’t really possible - so I wanted to know if you maybe have an explanation for that?

Can segments also be applied retrospectively? Because we set up the segment “intern traffic” just after the relaunch day. so maybe this could also be the problem.

Thank you for your help.

Hi @Dario,

Segments are like filters that can be applied on existing data. You can doublecheck if IP addresses you used in conditions are correct. Also, please keep in mind that we collect IP addresses according to privacy masking settings. If you for example use first level of masking, then you should include in condition IP address without last part of IP.

Hi @Adam,
Thank you for your response. What If we’ve activated global settings? Is it then the masking level 2 which is activ?

Here you can check your global settings:

Hi @Adam,
And how can I include in condition IP address without last part of IP? Because there is no condition which says “contains” or “begins with”.