Setting values for goal conversion or custom events


it’s been a while since i had time to dig deeper into Piwik Pro.
Today I wanted to set up tracking Tags for adding something to the cart and adding something to the cart as a sample ( free for 30 days ).

I had no issues with setting up the trigger but I need some help for setting up the actual tag using it.

First the trigger for adding something to the cart.

What do I use next?
A custom event tag or piwik pro goal conversion, what is the difference anyway?

Let’s assume I use piwik pro goal conversion:

( I wanted to put a second img here but i´m not allowed too lol )

  1. What do I put into revenue?
  2. Are numbers allowed? It doesn’t prevent me from putting a “1” into place. Would that equal to 1€?
  3. What can I do when I choose to use a variable for it, like what would it give me if I put {{ Returning Visitor }} inside the revenue field.

kind regards
Peter Dobrovka


I changed the settings and you should be able to embed more screenshots now.

As for your questions, it depends on the use case. If you’d like to see more detailed reports for a given event (e.g. some breakdowns by location, source/medium, itp.), I’d recommend using goals. Events are used rather for non-crucial interactions.

  1. The actual currency is based on the settings in Administration → your site → data collection
  2. Number have to be used here
  3. It rather makes no sense, as it would put there either 0 or 1 :slight_smile:

If you’d like to have a bit more detailed analysis for your cart, I’d recommend going with a full e-commerce setup. Here’s an example guide you could follow: Set up ecommerce tracking | Piwik PRO help center

You can also check some examples from our developers portal.