Mismatch - Goal Conversions and Ecommerce Orders

Hi everyone, first post here and new Piwik Pro user!

I recently started managing a Piwik Pro account for a client. Setup is done, including the ecommerce tracking, so I started looking into setting up goals next.

What I wanted to do as a test was creating a goal that would trigger every time a user made a purchase on the ecommerce, so I set the goal up this way:

  • Goal name: Order
  • Track goal automatically
  • Event type: visit page with URL
  • Condition: URL contains “thank-you”
  • no case-sensitive match
  • Allow multiple goals per session

What I’m noticing is that the number of goal conversions is MUCH lower than the actual number of purchase events recorded. The Ecommerce report shows around 2k orders in the last 7 days, while the conversions for the goal I set up are just over 200 in the same time period.

Since I’m new to Piwik Pro, I’m wondering if there is something wrong with the way I set up the goal or if I missed something additional which is needed in order for goal conversions to work correctly.

Many thanks!

Could you check the session log for a few example sessions with ecommerce conversions? Since the difference is really big, you should quickly stop what’s wrong in the raw data.

Hi Kuba, thanks for the feedback!

By checking the session log in the Ecommerce report apparently there are many instances where, although the ecommerce records a purchase, there is no accompanying page view of the “thank you” page (the main condition that triggers the goal conversion). So I guess that’s where the problem lies.

Thanks for the insight!

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