Single result searches are automatically redirected bypassing the search results page

After the recent update, single result searches on our site are automatically redirected to the appropriate page, bypassing the search results page. This makes it difficult for us to track and record these specific searches using the keyword parameters configuration.

I was thinking of asking the developer to add information (keyword…) to the redirect page’s data layer (or as a parameter in the URL) that would allow me to create a trigger with the following tag :

I’m looking for suggestions on how to adapt my tracking method to continue to monitor all user searches precisely, even those that only return one hit.


Hi there!

I would recommend to somehow push the data about the search, so you can use it in the tag manager - and that’s exactly the solution you came up with :smile:

In case you want to learn more about manually tracking site searches - here’s our documentation: API — Piwik PRO Analytics Suite 17.7 documentation.

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