Site search on different URL


I have a question about site search setup i Piwik Pro.

If our domain is “” but our site search leads to “”, will this work in Piwik Pro?

We seem to have some issues with the search terms not showing up, so we were wondering if they need to be aggregated into one - and that would fix it?


Hi @thpe,

Indeed merging the two sites would do, as documented here:

In your case you would add both and in the edit field of Site or app address
In Tag Manager navigate to the Piwik PRO tag and enable the switch Recognize a visitor across subsites
Store cookie on this domain would have the value of

Last thing to do is adding the k to the Keywords from your internal search engine, as documented here: About site or app settings | Piwik PRO help center

Or add the k to the global level as documented here: About global site & app settings | Piwik PRO help center