SPA tracking - the event fires, but no Page View is sent

Hi all,

Trying to learn the ropes in PP, yet it is elusive. Any ideas on the following:

The SPA tracking is toggled on in Admin, and the debug shows the event has fired. The Page Url in the Variables tab is correct, i.e. the URL with the #fragment is there.

In Analytics debug, there is no Page View with the relevant Page URL. Why?

The Pages report has a ?subpage= parameter on a few page views. When you click on the link in the report, you get sent to the correct page. This is 0,02% of the hits. For all practical purposes, the SPA tracking does not work.

Further the fragment seems to be stripped from the URL on regular page-load. Why?


How did you implement Piwik PRO? Do you use any library (Angular/React)?

The PP script is fired by GTM.

And what about the library? What is the website written in? I’m asking because depending on that we have some recommendations for SPA tracking.

Right now it is EPIserver - Optimaizely, but it will be changed to Sanity in 2024 some time.

Alright, I think maybe there might be some issues with the structure of your site that might not work with the automatic SPA tracking. Have you tried tracking page views manually? Here is a guide on how to set it up: How can I track a single-page application (manual method)? | Piwik PRO help center.