Unbounce - Landing page tracking issue


I’ve setup Piwik Pro to track our landing page traffic.
We use “Unbounce” as landing page builder.

We noticed that Piwik Pro sends a page views at each section instead of one time per page (See screenshot). When a user scrolls all the way down, it generates 5 page views…

Any idea why and how to fix it?
Unbounce support told me they can’t do anything.

Here is the landing page: https://lead.izoard.be/immobilier/?utm_source=piwik-support


Hi Julien,

It might be due to history API event as our build-in SPA tracking is catching it as an event.
Could you please check if after turning off this switch the issue disappears?

(Menu > Administration > Sites & Apps > [Site you work on] > Data collection)

If it will disappear we will know where the issue is comming from.


Hi Oliwer,

issue remains.
I unchecked Track Page view in SPA, and I also changed in tag manager > Track page views manually but doesn’t work.

However, I’m wondering if it’s not the scroll events that might show as page view in my debugger tool (omnibug)?

Also, the cookie consent banner doesn’t display on the landing, when it is displaying on my main site with the same Piwik Code;

And when you check it in tracker debugger (Menu > Analytics > Settings > Tracker debbuger) you see page views instead of scrolls?

I see scrolls in the tracker debugger.
Feels like piwik pro is working fine, it’s just my extension omnibug that sees scrolls as page view…

Sorry for that.

Hi. We’ll reach out to the plugin author with feedback to improve the plugin. Those should be indeed marked as custom events (or scroll events).