Surveymonkey via piwik pro tagmanager: anyone?

Who has experience with using SurveyMonkey as a minisurvey popup / modal via the tag manager?
Or with another minisurvey tool?

Gerrit, Amsterdam.

Hi do you have some issues with implementing it?

No, I’m going to try, but maybe someone has advice.

Ok, in case of any trouble don’t hesitate to ask here for help :slight_smile:

Well, it looked sort of simple at first.
I had expected to use the custom JS code tag, but that did not work.
I then put a code from Surveymonkey in the Popup tag, replacing the regular code that’s already there. And it showed up in debug mode.
But the next time, it didn’t and I cannot get it to work again.

This is the code: (it is in bwtween <script> and </script> but that will hide everything when I place it here
(function(t,e,s,o){var n,c,l;t.SMCX=t.SMCX||,e.getElementById(o)||(n=e.getElementsByTagName(s),c=n[n.length-1],l=e.createElement(s),l.type=“text/javascript”,l.async=!0,,l.src=“",c.parentNode.insertBefore(l,c))})(window,document,“script”,"smcx-sdk”);

If it was there and then disappeared - look at the multiplicity settings

Also try to clear cookies :slight_smile:
Also here is the guide how to create popups with Piwik PRO Tag Manager - Popup tag | Piwik PRO help center

Thankyou, but I’m using a “all page views” all the time trigger, and the other tags/pop up test appear all the time hen debugging.

It works by placing the SurveyMonkey collect code in the Custom JS Tag code window.

It’s indeed a cookie problem: after it’s been displayed, it won’t show again.
Even after deleting the piwik and surveymonkey cookies, it doesn’t appear again. How can I find out which cookie is ruling this?

Are there no settings in SurveyMonkey for that?