Tag is not firing on the page. How to troubleshoot?

In this thread we discuss:

  • Common causes of tags not firing on the page
  • How to troubleshoot and fix it?

There might be several reasons for that, check the following:

1. The tag has not yet been published.

Use debug mode to preview tags that have not been published yet. If the tag fires in the debug mode, but not outside of it, it means that it has not yet been published. Check if all configuration is ok in the debug mode and hit Publish in top right corner in the Tag Manager panel.

2. The tag does not have trigger(s) assigned.

Check if a trigger is assigned to the tag. Click on the tag in the list and go to “Tag triggers” section. If trigger isn’t assigned, create one or assign one from already created triggers.

3. Check privacy settings.

Check what consent (if any) is required to fire the tag and if it was given.

If you have configured opt out, check if you didn’t opt out from your browser AND check if your browser isn’t sending Do-Not-Track header. These options will be checked if the tag has “Respect visitor privacy” option enabled.

4. Check trigger configuration.

If a trigger is assigned, it may be the case that none of the conditions are matched. Check the trigger conditions and if you use variables their configuration. You can check the runtime values of the variables in the debug mode:
Open website in the debug mode → Events log → choose event (e.g. stg.domReady) → click on “Variables” tab.