Tag will not fire

On my page i have a button that links to an email, but i can’t seem to get the tag to fire when i try to set it up.

I have tried to set the trigger to:
‘click url’ ‘contains’ mailto:
But that only works on the direkt links on the page.

Then i tried giving the button an ID, so that i could set the trigger to:
‘click ID’ ‘contains’ ‘ID-name
but that didn’t work either.

I have also tried to set the tag to custom event, and to Goal conversion, and then i have blindedly tried a lot of other options and combinations, but it just wont fire.

I hope that there is some obvious solution to my problem, that i just can’t seem to get to.
(im very new in piwik Pro)

I hope you can help

Could you share the HTML code of the element? I’ll try do advice how to structure the trigger. You can also share the link to the website and the location of link. In general, tag manager debugger shows all information about properties available while triggering any javacript event:


Thank you.
I have uploadet images of the HTML and the events log data layer


This is the link to the page, and the element is the floating email button at the right side of the screen.


Since you’re handling the click via jQuery, the click event is not registered. AFAIK jQuery triggers stopPropagation() in many cases which makes it impossible for Tag Managers to get the event. Wouldn’t it be possible to stop using jQuery or to change the mentioned element to a standard link? In the meantime, I’ll check if there is any simpler workaround.

Thanks for the explanation. :slight_smile:

I think I can custom code the box, or use another wordpress-element to get the link in the HTML instead.