Timer triggers only "once per session"?


I recently created a trigger for a tag that is supposed to fire on a group of specific pages after 5 seconds. But as I realized this trigger only works once per session - which seems to be a default setting for all timer triggers without any chance to change this configuration in the Tag Manager ui (or I did not find it). The debugger even tells me that the trigger is defined as

Time on website

Page Url

as a result, the tag does not fire on following pages of the same group… and there will be a cookie for every timer trigger named std_fired_.

Both is not what I want - the trigger should fire more than once in a session (once per page would be the expected behaviour) and I surely do not want to create any cookies just by defining a trigger (that might fire for other reasons than tracking for example) that could emerge even in a situation where no consent was given. OK, it is a session cookie and tracking people would be useless, but still I see a risk here.

Is there some setting that I just did not find or do I have to I move away from timer as triggers: It would be neccesary to use 1) a regular pageview trigger to fire 2) a HTML tag to push an event to the dataLayer after a timeout and create 3) another trigger for that dataLayer event that then finally can 4) trigger my tag?


Hi @mbaersch,

you’re right, it’s not possible to change it. A dedicated trigger called “time on page” would be needed to solve this use case. We have already such feature request on our list and I’ll bump its priority.

Great, thanks. Will avoid that thing until then :grin: