Form submission tag fires multiple times | set the tag to fire once per page?


We want to track a form submission on our Website. The trigger that we have is:

But in the reports the Tag was fired multiple times during a Session of user (sometimes, not every time).
Is there a way (like in GTM) to set the tag to fire just once per page.

Thank you in advance!

Hi. You mean something like that?

Unfortunately, it’s not available for the form submit trigger. It is, however, for the page view. Maybe the mentioned forms have some kind of unique thank you page that could be used instead?

Sorry for my late reply. Yes this is want i meant. Yes we have a “thank you page” and we even had the trigger on the page, but currently we have a form submission trigger as we are tracking a meta text that matches the form.

But I think we have to work with the “thank you page” and get the information differently.