Totals in Dashboards

Hi there

Is there a way to add totals for flat table widgets in dashboards?

I don’t see it when I add a flat table, but they are present when I save the dashboard as PDF.

Dashboard flat widget in browser
flat table dashboard

Dashboard flat table widget in pdf
pdf flat table dashboard


Hi @martho
You may want to see these two articles to read about creating your own calculated metrics and how you can group dimensions under one custom group.
Please let me know if these were helpful.

Hi TymekGF

That would not solve my problem, but perhaps I should’ve been clearer in my phrasing. This is just a question regarding the dashboard GUI. I’ve mitigated it by putting counter widgets with the metric totals (fx page views)

My issue is rather simple. The flat table widget does not have a top row with totals when I use the dashboard-view. However, when I save it as a PDF, it does.

Hi @martho
Now I got your point. The current setup does not show totals in dashboards in our UI, it is however calculated and generated in PDF doc indeed.
I don’t have a workaround available at hand unfortunately, but you may submit your suggestion through a feature request: Request a feature & Roadmap - Piwik PRO Community