Tracking Hubspot knowledgebase pageviews using Hubspot

I am trying to track Hubspot knowledgebase page-views using the guide at:

I have entered hubspot ID plus connected a pageview trigger as stated in article. But no data is coming through, even in debug mode.
Any advice?
Is this because it is a knowledgebase artcile and not a regular website?

We are using a custom domain for the knowledgebase (so not hubspot url), but it is public. The domain is entered in piwik under sites & apps.

Hi @Emma,

The tag you used is for tracking events in your website and send the data to Hubspot.

The solution you might be searching for is adding the installation code of Piwik PRO to the Hubspot CMS.
The best way to make it work, currently, would be to add the Basic container async code (as seen in the installation tab of Piwik PRO) to the start of the body, in the Hubspot CMS via Design manager.

Similar to the screenshot.

This would add the install code to all pages of the Hubspot CMS website.

Since I’m not the Hubspot expert here, I can’t really explain how to create these changes.

Let me know if it works for you.