Merge Hubspot consent banner with piwik ones?


Piwik consent manager is used on the website of one of our clients. This client became a client of Hubspot too. When we put the Hubspot tracking code on the client’s website, Hubspot open its own consent manager. So, in this case, we have two consent banners appears on the website.

Is there a way to pass the values given by Hubspot (, see “Get privacy consent status” part) to the piwik consent manager without showing the piwik banner?

Thanks for your help.

Hi :slight_smile: Yes, of course. You can use Consent Manager API to set all the values without displaying a second bar/popup.

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Hi. That’s great! Thanks a lot! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi again,

Could you tell me if this could replace the tracking code of Hubspot copy-pasted in the website? In this case, the Hubspot banner would not appears on the website. That’s correct?

You would have to check hubspot docs / configuration but in general - yes. You can stop using hubspot cookie banner and handle the consent via Piwik PRO Consent Manager. That would make the setup cleaner.

We did it, but if Piwik add really another choice in the consent banner, none of the Hubspot cookies is put in the user’s browser. The Hubspot tracking js script is well loaded within the page, but no Hubspot cookie is loaded on the browser of the visitor who has accepted all cookies.

I’ve finally fixed it.
I think you have to add in this doc that we have to: 1) deactivate cookie banner in Hubspot; 2) copy-paste the tracking code on all pages of your site.

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Great! I’ll pass your feedback to the team.