User ID and attribution


I’m wondering if we apply a user id to a user upon them converting on the website, what happens with the previous sessions that user had (if they have any)? If a user has a consistent visitor id over let’s say 3 separate visits and on the 4th visit gets attached a user id, how would this look in the attribution report? Will there only be one session for this user id then? E.g the traffic channel they came through on this 4th visit will receive 100% credit for the conversion?

Hi there!

As mentioned in this article: Set up a user ID | Piwik PRO help center, User ID overwrites the Visitor ID in a deterministic way. The attribution report is based on Visitor ID, which in this case would be different for the 4th visit, so the traffic channel the user came through on this 4th visit will recieve 100% credit.