Attribution issue

Hi there,

We send in conversion goals from out backend via server side gtm using your http api. These goals come in fine but when looking att the attribution data it only attributes everything to direct (as it should on last click) even though there are a session before where the source is a google ads campaign and we’re looking at linnear model + the conversion path report. Looking at the session report we see these two sessions for a given visitor id. Regardless this is not visible in the attribution. What is wrong? Do I need to add anything in the http call to fix this?

Hi there!

Can you share the URL of the website you are reffering to? And the API calls you are using?

Hello, don’t want to share it here in the open :smiley: But here is the http call without our url:{{randomnr}}&rec=1&idsite=d2957e4b-57fc-47cc-899e-c4147b526386&id={{p}}&&ua=0&dimension3={{c_appid}}&dimension4={{c_exid}}&idgoal={{piwik_goal_id}}&revenue={{c_amount}}

Sorry, I forgot to add that you can share it with me via private message if you don’t want it here :sweat_smile: