Using stg.start as trigger?


We have a site where the dataLayer event that is used to track a specific conversion (“commandeDoc”) is sent before the stg.pageView event:

In order to correctly send the conversion to Meta, the pixel should already be on the page when the conversion occurs. The problem here is that the Meta Pixel is deployed at the stg.pageView event, so after the “commandeDoc” event.

Is there any problem with using stg.start instead of stg.pageView to deploy the Meta Pixel tag? By doing so, the pixel will be on the page when the “commandeDoc” event is sent.

I’m just wondering if using “stg.start” as a trigger for third party tags (that require consent) could have bad consequences (for example, consent not being taken into account).

Thank you!

I do not see any issues in setting it up this way. The tags should not be affected by the order in which these event triggers are set as long as they are properly set up. In case of the tags that require a consent decision, as long as there is no appropriate decision from the user then the tag will not fire even in this case.

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Thank you Adam!

In fact, because of what I reported here, I’m not using the built-in Meta tag anymore.

As I’m using a custom code tag to integrate the pixel and other custom codes to send events, the order of these tags matter. With this method, the event tags do not contain the pixel ID, so the pixel has to first be deployed on the page before sending these events.

I’ll be using stg.start. :slight_smile:

Thank you again