Will campaign be tracked across sub domains?

PROVIDED there are 2 websites (abc and shop.abc)
AND there is a success reservation page shop.abc.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-EU-Site/de_DE/Saferpay-ReturnUrl?oid=RN********&orderToken=****************************&status=SUCCESS
AND there is a campaign that points to the URL abc.com/fr?pk_campaign=Brand-FR&pk_source=Google&pk_medium=cpc&pk_keyword=abc
WHEN I create a user flow report with Breakdown by Campaign
THEN successful registrations show Breakdown by Campaign “No Data”

We are running multiple campaigns and it’s unexpected that no campaigns resulted in a successful reservation. So I have concern that piwik pro doesn’t show campaigns if a user navigates to one website with specified campaign, then clicks on “reserve” and navigated to the second website and then makes a purchase there, then it’s not possible to configure piwik pro to show what reservations came from what campaign, is that true?
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Hi. It should work, but you have to change the configuration of cookies.

  1. Make sure that both shop.abc and abc use the same installation code
  2. Configure cookies to be visible in the whole *.abc. Here you can find an article with more info.

Hi @kuba , thank you for your reply:

  1. I confirm that both shop.abc and abc use the same installation code
  2. I’ve done that. Do changes take affect immediately, or do I have to wait?
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Hi @kuba ,
I can see the same value if I run _paq.push([ function() {console.log(this.getVisitorId())}]); on abc and shop.abc. Does that mean that the campaign will be tracked across abc and shop.abc?
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To set up proper subdomain tracking you must:

  • use same installation snippet (and site id) for shop.abc and abc
  • configure cookie domian in Tag Manager → Piwik PRO to *.abc.com
  • add both domains to the configuration in Administration → site

Related article is available here.

Hi @kuba ,
I’m not sure why you repeated your previous message, as I already mentioned that I had followed those steps and could see that visitor id doesn’t change across those domain and subdomain, which seems to be a good sign.
I had different questions :wink:

Because that’s pretty much everything you need to do to have all the data available in one place. You can also test it yourself, e.g. by adding utm tags on both domains. :slight_smile:

Campaigns are tracked across domains now. Thank you!