Working with Development Sites

How do I set up tag management on my development site so it works when the site goes live?

I am designing a new site that, when it goes into production, will live at
However, my development team is building the site at

What I would like to do is configure/implement Piwik PRO on Then, on website launch day, we’ll redirect the DNS so that new site becomes I would like all of the tags that configured to automatically function.

My current account is for

Do I need a meta site for and
Do I need to create under “Add a site or app” in Administration?
Do I need to add the under the Data Collection > Basic Info section?


You might find this article helpful: How can I set up Piwik PRO for multiple environments? | Piwik PRO help center


Reading that article pointed the way toward a solution.

I think what I will do is create a separate site for and complete my implementation for Tag Management and Consent Management there. Then, once it is time to launch the site, I’ll copy/import the TM settings from to

That way, dev-server can hold all of my testing data and will have only clean data.

Thanks for your help!