Accessibility consent bar

  1. Two things, wouldn’t it be nice have a category about Accessibility on this community?

  2. And concerning this accessibility I found that the close button is not a button so it is not focusable. Is it possible to make this a button? Or is this a bug and should I post this somewhere else?

Hi Joost,
thank you for your comments. We will have a closer look at the accessibility of our product.
When it comes to the close button on the consent bar - let me speak with the respective team of developers to have a look.

Having the button would be a great first step. I’ll try to create some code for it in the meantime to make the span work as a button but let me know if the button is implemented.

And let me know if you need help testing the banner and modal on accessibility issues. I would be glad to help.

All right, stay in touch @svds!

I’m not able to add js to fix this issue because there are to many options to work with. Any news on this? Shouldn’t be to much work to change a span in to a button. I really want to use Piwik but without this my accessible website is not accessible any more.