Add goal: tracking email (mailto)


I want to add goal for tracking click on the email, click on mailto, what can I do?
I add tag piwik pro in GTM.

Have you guide for to create this goal?


Are you using Piwik PRO GTM template or Piwik PRO as one of the tags in GTM? My suggestion would be to add Piwik PRO installation snippet as one of the tags in GTM (with all pages trigger). Other option is to add the Piwik PRO code directly to the website (in a similar way to GTM).

Having full Piwik PRO Suite available, you should be able to use this guide.

Ok, thanks. I inser the code in a tag html in GTM instead of the template.

Now for to add goal tracking email click (click on mailto), what can I do?

Just follow the guide I shared in my previous post.