GTM tag template for custom events and goals

It´s great that Piwik PRO has created a Google Tag Manager tag template for the basic configuration and pageview tracking.

But it would be really great to also have a GTM tag template for sending custom events and goals to Piwik PRO - so I (and my clients) would not have to use javascript code in a CustomHTML tag.


there will be an enhanced version of the template soon. If you want to get started right now you can use my fork at GitHub - mbaersch/piwikpro-template-for-gtm: Piwik PRO Analytics template for Google Tag Manager in the meantime. Goals, custom events and other tracking types are supported.




Thank you very much for your answer.

That sounds really great :muscle::wink:

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Hi @mbaersch

Do you know when the new version of the Piwik Pro GTM tag template is expected to be released?

As I doing more and more Piwik Pro setups via GTM, it would be really cool to be able to send custom events without having to use javascript.

Sorry, I have no idea if and when my fork will be added to the main branch.

@kuba Can you help me out with an answer here? :slight_smile: