Add reports dimensions to the quick filter in explorer visualizations

When you drill down into data through the explorer you sometimes encounter dimensions that aren’t useful to the question you’re asking.

I’ll give an example with the Javascript events, but the same thing happens in a lot of other events. When you’re looking at Javascript errors you may ask yourself, what is the most common javascript error?

Currently, this is a bit “challenging” to do. You’d think you could click through the events pane. And then filter by “Javascript Errors”

But then you just see the sources of errors and not the error messages themselves. This doesn’t answer your question about what the most common events are.

So now your option is to click on the Event names pane. . But the issue here is that you get the labels for all other kinds of events too. Not just the “Javascript Errors” you just selected.

The way to do this today requires you to add “Custom event category” as an additional dimension, clicking on quick filter, and then adding a filter.

But by doing this you lose the one drill-down that you have in the explorer UI. Which I’d like to use with a custom dimension later.

So if you want to dig deeper you have to create a custom report where the nested dimensions are in a different order, or create a new report and add filters there (among multiple more time consuming ways).

It would be nice if you could click on the Quick filter and be able to add another dimension without having to select it as a secondary dimension first.

I see the challenges around making too many dimensions available through the quick filter, but including the dimensions that are in the explorer would improve the UX when digging into data. Also, then you don’t have to spend time making as many reports attacking the same data from different “dimensional directions”.

For these situations you could customize the report and change the order of the nested items

Exchange the order of event name and event action and you will be able to see

The javascript error as event category
Drill down to
The most JS errors as event name
and drill down to
The pages where it happened as event action.

It depends on the type of report you would need to have the order of the nesting changed.

Would this help in your case?

Thanks for the response rmastop, appreciate it, that works too. Several ways of getting around it.

I’m going to be teaching multiple people how to use Piwik and it just stuck out to me as a sort of thing that will cause friction and require me to assist/teach people how to get around it. Having the filters ready to go would be very useful and stop the custom reports count bloating up.