AJAX Listener for Tag Manager?

In Google Tag Manager, I’m using an AJAX listener to pick up Gravity Forms activity:

Can this functionality be duplicated in Piwik Pro Tag Manager?

I’m not sure but according to code it sends just normal dataLayer.push (“ajaxComplete”). Technically you should be able to use same variables and same event as in GTM.

Thank you, Jakub

I will recreate the sequences in the Piwik Pro tag manager.

For the data layer variables, Google gives me an option between “Data Layer Version 1” and “Data Layer Version 2.” I don’t see such an option in the PP tag manager. Does it matter?

I don’t think Piwik Tag Manager is working with version 2, which is in example code. Someone from Piwik would have to confirm it. You can do some trial and error with specific data layer variable keys or modify code to send flat version as workaround.

Event itself should still pick up that it is send as “event” key, but there might be problem with “attributes” variable. Do you need them, or are you just sending single event that is marked as conversion?