Form submission tracking

I have another question I am afraid…I am converting my GTM tags to send data to PiwikPro (instead of GA3) so I can reuse all the triggers already created.

I have a form submission that triggers a PiwikPro Event.

The trigger works and fire both tags (the GA one and the PWP one) however no data is sent to PWP - The variables are the same one used by the GA3 tags and the data goes to GA3 without any problem. I paused the GA tag just in case it was interfering but this doesn’t solve the issue.

I checked the tracker debugger and ppms.php in Network tab and I cannot see any PiwikPro events

Does anyone have any idea please any chance please? Thanks!

Did you check if page view tag is loading before that event? Or is it just missing variables?

Hi Jakub,

In the GTM debugger, I can see that the base PiwikPro code is loaded and a pageview is sent for “contact page”.

Then I fill and submit the form, GTM display a “stg.formSubmit” event (which must be PiwikPro)

The Contact page reloads, loads the PiwikPro script during “Container Loaded”, then the form_submission event appears which launches the Piwik custom event. However no data is sent.


This was a timing issue. The script didn’t have the time to be fully loaded that I was trying to send an event. Having a trigger group combining the form_submit + a slight delay fixed it. Thanks!

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