Amount of orders on ecommerce tab

Wondering why there is a difference in the amount of orders showed on the ecom overview page


And the order list:

Or are they a different metric?


Hi Dave!
those numbers are calculated differently. The Orders metric is a count of “Ecommerce conversion” events and represents the exact number of tracked conversions.

The table shows the number of items aggregated by order ID. Intuitively it should be the same number and it is if there are no duplicates in order ID. Most likely some of your orders were tracked with the same ID. To check if that’s the case, please customize te report - add “Ecommerce conversions” metric and sort descending by that metric. At the top of the table, you should see how many conversions are for a single order ID.

Recently data collection was improved by preventing order ID duplication. Starting from Sep 26th orders with existing order ID are rejected. Details are in the changelog 16.28.0 - Piwik PRO

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As always, thxs for the clear info @Jarek :slight_smile: