Ecommerce data doesn't match actual activity


I’ve been trying to reconcile the orders data being shown in Piwik with actual customer orders, and it seems to be somewhat out. When I look at the list of orders for 4 November recorded in Piwik Pro, out of 284 orders, 35 didn’t occur on that date. Purchase data is logged as soon as payment has been completed, so I have the order dates recorded in my database and also in the payment system, but Piwik is showing transactions from up to a month prior.

Has anyone else come across this and is there a way to fix it do that the data correctly matches the day the transaction was actioned?

Thanks for any help.

If dates are different then maybe it’s a mismatch in timezones between your database and the website in Piwik PRO. Check your timezone in website settings.

Another thing is that it’s almost certain that not all orders will be tracked by a web analytics tool. The reason might be an ad block, a closed tab between the order submission and tracking code load, JS errors and probably a few more.

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Hi Jarek

Thanks for the suggestions, but I’m not sure they apply to this. When I first looked at the additional orders being tracked, timezone was my first thought as well, but most of the transactions are days and weeks out. This is about additional orders not missing orders. That was a positive, in that all of the expected orders were included.

So if I understand correctly, Piwik is tracking more transactions than there really was?

I think I’ve worked out what the problem was. Conversion tracking was being done on a specific page, that effectively confirmed the completion to the customer and logged the tracking information. If that page was reloaded for any reason, and I believe the Chrome ‘tab sleep’ functionality reloads the page when you return to the tab, then the conversion event was being tracked again. Anyway I’ve updated the codebase to ensure order completion only gets tracked once and will wait to see if this addresses the issue.

Thanks for the help.

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