Amount of visitor too high - CookieID piwikpro

I figured out there to much quantity of visitor on my website (piwikpro installed on wordpress).
I configured piwikpro as RGPD compliant.
After investigating I figured out piwik pro set a different cookie ID to each event or page navigation.
For instance :
• one visitor landed on my website (cookie ID A)
• the same visitor navigated to another link by clicking on internal links (cookie ID B)
• the same visitor cliked to another link and go to another page (cookie ID C)

Afterwards piwikpro counted 3 visitors when it is clearly the same visitor.

However when I navigated to my the website. I can see the cookie ID is the same when I’m navigating into it :

But it seems that’s not working like that on my piwikpro reports.

Is anyone can help me please ? is that a normal behavior ? how can i fix that maintaining a GDPR compliancy

Hi, could you please provide me with a URL of you website? You could leave it here or send it to me via private message if you prefer to.

hello, i finally found the problem.
we use the french GDPR guide for piwik pro and it doesn’t mention to activate cookie id user and session. After activation, it works well.
thank you