New/returning report with GDPR setup


Since I pushed live the Piwik CMP with a CNIL/GDPR setup account, all my users are counted as new :

How could it be ?
Is it because with a GDPR setup, the visitor is not counted with the cookie ID (link to doc)? However I still have a _pk_id storing information…

If my conclusion is correct, do I have a workaround solution to measure the new and returning visitor correctly ?

Thank you

Hi @romainproximity,

Could you share your privacy settings for both the non-consenting and consenting traffic (the Consent settings and Session and visitor identifiers sections) and your site URL? It can be either here or in a private message.

Hello @anthonybartczak

Yes of course!
Here the screenshot of my consent setting

And here the compliance setting :

The website is
If my example can help the community.

Thank you
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From what I see, it looks like the cookies are set for your Piwik PRO instance/account and not on your website (domain is set to Piwik PRO only uses 1st party cookies, so these are the ones created in the product.

This is most likely the result of using session hash for both the consenting and non-consenting traffic. Keep in mind that the session hash (previously called session ID) is droppped 30 minutes after the last event.

Thank you @anthonybartczak

So regarding my problem if I want to be GDPR+CNIL compliant is there any solution to make the difference between new and regarding ?
In the documentation the setting requested is :
Turn on Ask visitors for consent and turn on Use a session hash .

Setting: Administration > Sites & apps > Privacy > Ask visitors for consent (on) > Collect anonymous data from non-consenting visitors (on) > Use a session hash (on) > Use visitor cookies (off)

Thank you

I think that the documentation you are mentioning might be a bit outdated since we added the ability to control the session/visitor identifiers for both the consenting and non-consenting traffic (I think it was version 18.4). Before that change you could only change the identifier for non-consenting traffic (granted that the consent manager was enabled).

If you would use the session hash for non-consenting/anonymized traffic and the tracking cookies (_pk_id and _pk_ses) for the consenting traffic then the new/returning visitor ratio should get back to “normal”.

I’ll verify this and get back to you with confirmation.

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