An error occured generating report/long queue times


when I opened reports → locations half an hour ago I received the erorr.
“an error occured generating report”
On other pages without the error, showing data takes a while, 30 to 60 seconds.
After a reupload of the JS, I get reports again but they all take very long to load.

I dont know what the issue is, maybe some of these have to do with it.

Kind regards

Hi Peter,

we have a technical issue that is currently worked on. Data collection works fine, there are delays when it comes to reporting. There is also an in-app banner informing about the problems. I’ll update it once the reporting is stable again.

Ok thank you very much, I dont see a banner in the app though.

Kind regards


let me check the case with in-app banner. Can you share your instance address?

Hi guys. Reporting engine is fully operational now.