Report are not filled since yesterday afternoon?

All my clients have pretty much zero data in their report som yesterday afternoon and none sofar today. even though data is comming in in the debugger. See the same issue accross clients. Whats up?

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Have the same problem with 2 pages. Since yesterday around 11 am there ist a big 0 in every report - today as well. Tracker debugger ist working perfectly.

Does anybody know whats up?

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Hello, same issue here, tracker debugger is working but no statistics

Hi, we are currently working on resolving this issue. There’s no data loss as this is an issue on the reporting side.


Does this issue also affect older data?
When I’m running an existing report for an interval in the past, it shows vastly different numbers to when I ran it back then (I saved a PDF of the report). The report configuration wasn’t changed since then.

It’s possible if your date range includes last few days. Other than that, this answer would be relevant:

I have the same problem, no data for 8, 9 and 10 of december and close to nothing for 7 and 11.
Also the same export of orders of my ecommerce is different by 40% (today 40% more order than yesterday, but it is the same period).
Is there any update? Are there any data lost?

There’s no data loss. Are you using a Core/free plan account?

we have a enterprise plan