Any way to give precedence to the IP Address collected client-side when using Track HTTP API to send server-side events?

Hello! Hope all are well!

We are using the Track HTTP API to report call and call conversion events. Since these events are being reported from our servers, we are noticing that the real visitor IP Address that was captured from the web session appears to be entirely overwritten by our server’s IP Address.

Is there any way to make it so the IP Address associated with our server-side event does not overwrite the real visitor’s IP Address captured from the client (or, at a minimum, to isolate the server IP Address to that particular event)?

I do see the cip parameter in the documentation and I understand we need to have an auth token to pass that value successfully, but the problem is that most of our customers do not have us collecting the visitor’s IP Address, so we typically do not have that value to pass!

I suppose I’d like to see if there is a work-around or way to have the Track HTTP API processing logic give precedence to the client-side IP Address (almost ignoring our server IP Address), but still process and attribute the event info successfully.

Thanks so much for any insights or guidance you might be able to provide!

~ Lauren

Hi Lauren,

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The only way to change the IP sent to Piwik PRO is via cip parameter. The server you are using should have access to the IP that the request came from and you could use it in cip parameter.


Thanks for the warm welcome and for confirming! I really appreciate the info.

~ Lauren