Where can I find the "token_auth" for the Tracking HTTP APIs?

The documentation say that in order to override the IP (cip parameter) I have to pass the auth_code:

I can’t find this auth_code in the admin interface and I can’t find anything in the documentation, about this auth_code beside that specifica http_api documentation.

Sounds like in past all of the API used the auth_code mechanism and then 1 year ago it was deprecated and most APIs moved to a new authentication mechanism, but the HTTP API still use it.

( I’m trying to use the API via the piwikpro-php-client found here: GitHub - PiwikPRO/piwikpro-php-client , but it simply matches the HTTP_API documentation and expects a token_auth when I want to override the IP, but doesn’t tell anything about generating/finding this token_auth ).

Have you tried without the token or with a random value?