App tracking: different collected page path/page title/URLs from Android/ios

Hi all,

I noticed that the collected page path and page title from app are different depending on the device type (Android and ios);

due to this issue, I have two different rows for every page instead of a single aggregated rows for every single page.

Even the formatting of the path from Android (which unifies path+page title) seems a little bit peculiar:

Android → screen/diary/Diary - Home
ios → screen/diary

This also applies also to the session entry url ecc so that my dashboards are not correct

On what could this depend?

Thanks in advance,

@AlessandroDP are you using the title() method from the Android SDK?
That could be the reason why you see different results from Android and iOS.

Hi Piotrek,
first thanks for your reply,
I forwarded your reccomendation to the developer who replied to me that it’s used the react native sdk and not the native ones, since the app has been developed with this framework