React native collect report data: trackScreen, trackOutlink

I am using React Native: 0.70.0
I am collecting the report data, for example, track screen, track outlink, etc. but I can not see them in the piwik dashboard. I think, the sdk is not working correctly because I am doing the same things in the documentation but the collected data is not visible in the dashboard. My code is:

const trackScreen = async (path, title, customDimensions = {}) => {
const options = {
title: title,
customDimensions: customDimensions,
await PiwikProSdk.trackScreen(path, options);

const trackOutlink = async (url, customDimensions = {}) => {
const options = {
customDimensions: customDimensions,
await PiwikProSdk.trackOutlink(url, options);



Do you have any solution?

Hi @bilal.tekin,

What is the URL address you are sending those events to?


Hi @Oliwer_Kaczmarek
I found our mistake and it is now working. Thank you very much for the answer.

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