Link to another app

I have a small problem, I track an app and when you click on login button you are linked to another app and then come back to the main app. In the funnel report this is recorded as a drop of but in reality it is not a drop of. How can I solve this problem should I also add the tracking code in the other app?

How is the tracking implemented in the mobile app? In general, switching to other app shouldn’t generate dropoffs unless there’s more than 30 mins of inactivity in-between.

We have three different versions app ios, android and web version but they use the same bachend. The Piwik tracking code was implemented in React

Ok, so if the app is based on react, it should store the user identifier in a cookie. So after coming back, the visitor should still be recognized. If it’s not the case, please send me a screenshot form the tracker debugger that’s showing 2 sessions for the same visitor. Also raw requests would be appreciated (those are available after clicking the </> icon near the first page view event).

we use react native for the backend. I had read at the time that in mobile app no coocies are set and tracking is anonymous. Thanks for your answer, I checked in tracker debuger, there are no drop-of to see regarding the link to the other app that is already very good. However, the order in some sessions confuses me for example. Here a customer event is triggered first before the page is even seen, how is that possible? :
Screenshot 2023-01-20 132826