Are there screenshots of Tag Manager settings?

is it possible to see screenshots of the tag manager settings?

Thanks, Sascha

You can find plenty of screenshots in the documentation - “Tag Manager” section of our Help center.

Additionally, check out our YouTube channel. There are a few videos covering tag manager’s functionality, e.g.:

Thank you very much. I have one more question. How do I create a transaction tag? From Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics I know it as follows:

  • datalayer on the order page.
  • trigger as custom event → event equals “ordercompleted for example”.
  • transaction tag that triggers “ordercompleted” on the trigger.

How do I create a transaction tag with piwikpro?

Data layer is compatible with GTM, so you can set it up in a similar way assuming you already have a data layer on your order page implemented:

  • Add new tag → Custom asynchronous tag

  • Add new trigger → Data layer event, and choose e.g. Event name equals ‘ordercompleted’

  • Go to Variables → Add new variable → Data layer and choose the same name of variable as in the data layer, e.g. order_id, discount, grand_total, products etc.

  • In the custom asynchronous tag’s code, you have to use ecommerce tracking functions, e.g. assuming you have an array of products in the ‘products’ variable (make sure to map it first from the data layer via variables as described in the previous step), this can look the following way:
      var _paq = _paq || [];
      var products = {{ products }};
        _paq.push(["addEcommerceItem",product.sku,,product.category, product.price, product.quantity]);
     _paq.push(["trackEcommerceOrder",{{ order_id }}, {{ grand_total }}, {{ subtotal }}, {{ tax }}, {{ shipping }}, {{ discount }}]);

All items that are in brackets {{ }} are tag manager variables that were earlier mapped from data layer.