Piwik Pro Tag Manager Function That's Equivalent to GTM Triggers?

Hi community,

I’m trying to recreate some custom Ecommerce tags from GTM in PPTM. In GTM, there are tags, triggers, and variables. I don’t triggers as a stand-alone option in PPTM. The process that I’m trying to recreate flows like this:

  1. Tag: add-to-cart custom html, which is triggered by a custom event.
  2. Trigger: custom event, event name = “add_to_cart”

Even when I begin with the PPTM tag builder, I don’t an option to use a custom event as trigger.

Hi David,

We don’t have a direct custom event trigger, but there are different ways of approaching it. How do you trigger the custom event?

The most popular way (for ecommerce events) would be to put the right event name in the DL and then use the Data Layer Event trigger.

Hi @sararekowska,

There is a data layer that’s tied to the custom event. See screenshot:

Okay, so you can use the Data Layer Event trigger in this case. Would that work for you? Or do you specifically need a custom event trigger?


Apologies for the slow reply. That worked!

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