Assisted conversions

I’d like to know the best way to set up an assisted conversion goal. I need to know the # of people who sign up for a free trial/demo but who FIRST enter via our blog. What would be the best way to do this?

Hi @Katie_Beebole,

If a sign up happens in the same session, you will probably want to use a funnel with a page view on the landing page as the first step and sign up goal conversion as the last one.

If the sign up can happen in a different session (not the current one), I think that the attribution report might be the way to go:
Attribution report | Piwik PRO help center

(perhaps this thread might be relevant)

Hi @anthonybartczak Katie’s colleague here :slight_smile:
The attribution report is more to analyze acquisition channels and compare data depending on attribution model. To us, the blog is not an acquisition channel like organic, ppc, etc, it’s part of the target, the whole domain, conversion can happen in the blog.

It’s not about knowing whether they entered via blog or not, either.

We track clicks on trial and demo CTAs that we place in the blog, but also across the whole commercial site. We have tracking tags and goal for this.

We have a report where we can see how many of those goals happened on blog urls (filtering page url to those containing /blog) and it does show the count of those CTA clicks. I assume this is due to the typical non-direct last interaction attribution to the blog post, correct me if wrongly understood. So it’s counting those clicks that happened on those urls.

But then the blog post could be somewhere else in the customer journey that is not the non-direct last one, say it’s the first, or middle touchpoint once inside our domain, but not the last non direct. I remember we could check direct but also indirect or assisted conversions in Google Analytics (universal, afair) for a given path or set of urls.

about the funnel report Brave Browser - Funnel Blog Test (edit report) - Custom reports - Analytics - Beebole - 11 April 2024 | Loom

:pray:t2: thank you as always

Sorry for a bit of a late response.

So granted you’d like to focus more on the action part (e.g. blog page view) and not the acquisition in context of what happened before a certain conversion, then it sounds like a case for sequential segmenting. Basically having the ability to create multiple event-based conditions (combine multiple steps/events within a session) to filter out sessions.

This one is currently not supported in Analytics but the general improvements to segments are pretty high on the feature request list.

That said, you could try to create a workaround (although it might not fully address your needs) that would push a value to a session custom dimension once someone hits a blog page (or any other key page/interaction). This way you could use this dimension in the attribution report.

Though it might become a bit more tricky if you’d like to look at every single blog page that assisted the conversion because by default the custom dimension will only contain the last tracked value (it won’t become an array if you push another blog post name to it).

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I see @anthonybartczak what I had done is to create a flat table report with dimensions: session entry url, next url, exit url, previous url…and where dimension url is filtered to contain blog and also filtered by session goal containing the one we want to track as well as goal name. Not perfect indeed, or maybe wrong…but wouldn’t ‘next url’ be then a url that assisted?

Would you mind sharing the report URL? Either here or in PM. I want to see metrics used and the general “output”.

In this case you’d get an event scoped custom report with:

  • session entry URL
    Entry URL of the session in which this goal conversion happened

  • next page view URL
    URL of page view event that happened after the goal conversion

  • session exit URL
    Exit URL of the session in which this goal conversion happened

  • previous page view URL
    URL of page view event that happened before the goal conversion

  • goal name
    Name of the goal conversion

  • sessions
    Amount of sessions that contained a combination of previously listed dimensions with a certain goal conversion

Did you mean previous page view URL instead of next url? If the answer is yes then I’d say yes - we can say that this page view assisted in the conversion.